And the wheel turns….

Great series by the way for all you fantasy fiction nerds out there.

After a couple weeks of failed start/stop with the home renovations, we are full force into remodeling the mud room (the precursor to the kitchen remodel).

GOAL:  complete floor tile and rough electrical so I can move some of the stuff into the mudroom for the remodel. Currently, we are not really at all on track to finish structural mods before September.

We also still need to button up the siding on East side, and tack up the holes in the fascia to keep the wild beasts from coming in for the winter.  Next summer will be devoted to siding, driveway repair etc.


Life stuff: Baby girl is growing fast! I have been narrowing my focus for career development. I’ve been devoting most mornings to learning mobile application coding. I’m really slow to learn, but stuff is beginning to stick. some days are better than others.

I’m still tossing ideas for income either blogging (not this blog fo’ sure, haha) or through property investment.  I really want a garage/workshop for all of Dylan’s tools. This would be quite an investment (read: bye bye money), but if we could build an apartment over the garage, we could almost pay for the house payment and any increase in taxes building a garage would incur.

The other property investment venture I would be interested in is buying foreclosed properties for cash, renovating them and selling them. For this, we would also need a storage area for “bargains”, and all tools, and a truck. The plan is to buy a truck for cash in about three years (hopefully the Jeep lasts that long!). By that time, we should almost be done with the house……. baby girl in school, and time and energy to build a garage? I need to do some research as to some costs. It also means not investing too much more into the house, as much as I would love a tile backsplash, it will have to wait :(((((.  I would guess we still need about 10,000 more to finish the house between drywall, siding, insulation, wiring and hardwood floors. This would include any decor or furniture.

Those are my current babbles. Hope everyone’s week is going well! I’ll get some photos posted soon, so you can appreciate the true hideousness of the kitchen.


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