And so it begins (the kitchen!!!!!!!!!)

The mudroom tiling is done and almost all the electrical is done (which is hubby’s gig). Today was packing of the kitchen and I also started ripping out the old bathroom. Yay!!

Obviously we have to go back and drywall, frame the closet etc.

Here’s the terrifying current state of our “dining area” in the kitchen. 

Yeah somehow all of this needs to get moved out this week.

This is our hideous bathroom. It’s worse than it looks. I seriously feared for our lives showering together in this thing. The subfloor is being held up with post jacks and a 2×4 😳😳😳😳.
So the plan is to get the kitchen demoed, new subfloor and Windows installed, rough plumbing and electrical, tiling and new insulation and floor vents in next 4 weeks. Uh yeah …..


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