Kitchen Demo

I enjoy demoing, as long as I don’t get too dirty (hahaha). I really detest all the things that turn up during a demo in an old home: squirrel nests, rodent skeletons, water damage, and other disgusting things I don’t really want to think about.

The kitchen demo is about 50% complete, the main thing left is the floor. We are also incidentally out of room already in our 30 yd dumpster. Ah the joys of renovation.

IMG_0024This time around demoing is more or less a nightmare because I can’t get too involved when I am home alone with the baby.  We still need to get the rest of the appliances moved out, get the wall knocked down and then gut the floor (and remaining walls).

The goal is to have the floor framed and subfloor in by the end of next week. It’s really dependent at this point on how much overtime my husband is working. I’m also working extra hours this week soooo things are slowing down.


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