Kitchen Progress. So Slow.

Admittedly I’ve been busy launching Winesterr and working on the house. But seriously, six months without an update is pretty terrible. I also even decided to forgo a garden this year (except planting my seed garlic and trying to rescue my potatoes that I left planted over winter) and maybe a few herb and tomato plants. <– This is why I don’t get anything accomplished usually.


You can see things have progressed quite a bit since the last post.  Although we did take like 3 months off for the holidays and then hubby was hit by a crazy person in a car while he was working up in the city so back issues sidelined him for two of those months.

We do have to finish re-doing the plumbing to the upstairs bath before we can finish drywalling and start installing shelves and perimeter cabinets.  The floor in the upstairs half bath was destroyed by water damage and I refuse to rip out new drywall a year later.

After most of the drywall went up, I got really excited and started pulling out cabinets. haha. One part of the install that’s going to be a bit icky is the corner sink and counter. Also did I mention our run is 1″ too long for the cabinetry? bahaha. This sink is MONSTER and it came in a bag that I could fit into. Crazy big.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also I have a random picture of our range hood which I got for a crazy bargain on EBAY. It’s a vent-a-hood which basically means it’s a high quality, super quiet, super strong hood. The corner is a bit dented but for getting a 48″ range hood < $1000, I’ll deal.



Lastly, as usual my taste outstrips my budget. I really want these stools but considering all the work left on the house I can’t justify spending a $1000 on three stools. I haven’t decided if I should go budget or just wait and hope they go on clearance or until I’m earning more money. Even then, not sure. But I haven’t found any other swivel stools that I like.


Booooo. Also I’d never buy it from walmart, that just happened to the screenshot I sent my husband when I was “showing” it to him.

The goal is to have the perimeter cabinets and counters install in the next 10 weeks.  I also still have not finished the trim work in the bathroom and the shelving still needs to be finished with more drywall.

This summer we’re supposed to be doing roofing, siding and resealing the driveway. As I type, it’s snowing out. Isn’t NY grand?

Finally, I’ve been writing on this blog/or a similar blog now for six or seven years sporadically but I’ve been thinking about shifting it now that I finally have maybe come up with a cohesive purpose and keeping my ramblings/doings on the house/farm just to one category or page.  Frugal luxe is still not quite right, but I think maybe I figured out the blog purpose finally.

Maybe.  I don’t want to commit to too much right now as I’m juggling a lot of balls with trying to get Winesterr up and get processes in place. It takes my brain a lot of time to sort and process information but I think with Winesterr and the homesteading (and my itty bitty savings account I set up to buy our first investment property) that we’re heading in the right direction. Slowly but surely.

There’ s a lot of great homesteading blogs out there already for sure. But I think I can come up with something.

Hope everyone has a wonderful spring. !!!!  Pretty sure I’ll have an update before summer starts.


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