10 Weeks of Progress

House Progress

As you can see, the cabinets are not installed, ha ha ha. But this is what we have accomplished.

  • almost finished with the drywall
  • finished upstairs half bath rough plumbing
  • half of the driveway sealed, with the rest crack sealed (working around all this rain = :((((
  • plumbed water and built half wall for laundry finally


I took the weekend off next weekend for hubby’s birthday.

We will be rebuilding the exterior portion of the west wall, mounting the range hood (which has to go through baby girl’s floor and out the wall) and hopefully installing the other two windows.

I’m still noodling the rough plumbing connections and we need to install the plywood base for the cabinets.

Meanwhile I am also dreaming about the finishes in the kitchen. I want some warmer colors than the bathroom, love the cool grays but doesn’t evoke a warm homey feeling that I want in the kitchen.

So I ordered tile samples. Even though spending 2k+ on tile would probably be absurd.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.42.50 AM

I have some green samples as well. But I think with the floors, it may be too much color and texture.

I still want these chairs. Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.45.38 AM

I did find them on Sears.com for $220, which if I could find a 10% coupon and maybe some credit card points, possibly justify buying them….

Other new accoutrements for the kitchen I would like: a tea kettle and some new coffee mugs (I’ve had the same mugs from the dollar store since college and only two remain).  I’d like to find some beautiful hand painted ceramics and probably some other more durable ones for every day car usage.


Garden Progress

Yeah I wasn’t supposed to have a garden. Basically couldn’t stop myself.  Definitely planting a small fall garden. But mainly planning for the spring.

I will be also applying for a home processor’s license so I can sell some baked goods at the farm stand.


Business Progress

Still working on weekly Winesterr Emails, weekly wine sips! I’m planning on starting my Certified Wine Specialist certification this winter.

Thinking about how I want to revive Finger Lakes Foodie and this blog. The domain has since been purchased, my fault for not keeping it renewed :((((  Made me a bit sad, but I’m still mulling about products I can make (physical and electronic) to sell aside from vegetables and baked goods. And also something that is more easily scalable and a unique business product.

Personal Life 

We started shopping for a truck with the grandiose budget of $3000.  I guess you see how out of line my priorities are, spending as much on tile as a truck!!! hahaha. But I see tile as art and a truck as a tool.  Plus I still haven’t broached the tile budget with hubby either.

Mostly I’m just excited I can pick up free compost/horse manure and home goods that I don’t have to strap on top of the jeep.

Looking forward to giving some updates after our weekend slog.



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