Construction Face

Construction Face

This is probably at least the twentieth version of my About Me page. On the surface, this blog is a chronicle  of the crazy adventures in our complete DIY home remodel and adventures in market gardening.

On a deeper level this blog documents my past and ongoing attempts to find a new career direction (online local food community, farming, blogging, writing, etc.).  I love learning new skills and processes, and picking ideas and processes apart in an effort to accomplish them in a more effective and efficient manner.  Basically I’m a curious, type-A, perfectionist, know it all who always thinks she can do something better with a low tolerance for repetition (and boredom).

This blog isn’t about helping everyone be just like me! But if I figured something out in my daily struggles and it can help someone, well that’s a pretty good feeling.

I have some long term projects that I am working on, that at some point should be surfacing here.

Get to know the Neubauers.

Jen  likes to over indulge in delicious food, dry red wines and craft brews and is a strange combination of obsessive analytic and artistic bent. Her husband is the handy one, the kind one, with the patience of a saint who also is chief taste tester for Jen’s culinary creations and also the chief vet for Jen’s on going experiments in anything and everything.

They live happily together with a new baby girl and a pit bull named Monty. Their house is a veritable work in progress also known as the money pit. It has 1.7 acres of paradise that are slowly being converted into a market garden farm stand in the Finger Lakes region in Upstate NY

I, Jen Neubauer am  the writer behind this page although I can’t take credit for the inspiration, which remains centered on my family and our crazy projects at our homestead.


The Newlyweds

The Newlyweds



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