Almost done

Things are coming together. Now just need :

  1. Toilet rough in
  2. Frame linen closet
  3. Install door
  4. Hardiback and tile floor
  5. Tile around tub
  6. Window and door casing 
  7. Wallpaper
  8. Moulding
  9. Paint ceiling

(Not necessarily in that order.)

I’m so very excited about the dumpster coming next week. Unless you’ve lived through a Reno you really cannot understand how the clutter and garbage frays your nerves. This is our third year of renovating, hopefully less than 3 left!!


Current Project

One of my resolutions is to do fewer projects and follow through 100% on the projects I begin, whether they end in success or failure.

I bought a passion planner to help myself stay organized and on task (even if I don’t actually hit all my goals)

My current focuses are the remodel (bathroom), garden, and my software idea that I’ve been bouncing around for a few months.

The software idea is a business app for farmers to increase profitability and efficiency and decrease time spent entering information. Fun fact, I have no coding experience, although I was playing with it while I was pregnant (abandoned due to lack of nausea free time). Right now I am working on wireframe prototypes, and then I will figure out the next step of what I need to learn (or who I need to find) to create this (assuming the pricing model is viable).

If there are any random farmers out there interested in providing feedback on the business software–here’s the Facebook group I started.

Ag Software


Bathroom Updates

Fact: Tiling is difficult.

I hate applying thin set with a passion. 

The challenging subfloor was completed. Wiring aside from hooking up the vanity light is complete! 

Fun suggestion: apply liquid membrane with a roller, not a trowel—–wayyyy easier. 

I ordered my moulding and casings. This may not seem like a big deal but I’ve been struggling for weeks to go painted or wood. I never found the right paint color so wood it is. We have this great specialty hardwood place—loveeee going there. 

I’m sooooo over this bathroom, just want it to be complete.

Things left to do:

  1. Shower tile (25% left)
  2. Tub tile
  3. Drywall
  4. Tile floor 
  5. Window casing
  6. Install door
  7. Medicine cab installed
  8. Shower door installed
  9. Hang wallpapers 
  10. Crown mouldinf
  11. Frame and build linen closet
  12. Install vanity light 

Our revised deadline is May 18, before hubby has surgery, this seems optimistic.  Babies and tiling don’t really mix. 

Hardibacker Finished, Fuck Yea!

This seems fairly self explanatory. 

Trust me it looks worse in real life. When I factor in baby work time, garden work time and part time work time (not including house work and meals time) hubby and I each have been doing 70-80 hours plus a week. We are very tired and still not going to make the end of the month deadline. Our new deadline is May 19 before a surgery for husband 😬. 

Teething babies don’t give a fuck about your stupid deadlines. Really they don’t. Today I hope to get the waterproof membrane completed on the shower and the vertical layout finished while house sitting at my parents. Tomorrow I am not sure if I want to tape the tub or start tiling, I’m leaning towards tiling the shower because I feel as though I may have to let the tile set in sections ( since it is on the larger size) but really not sure at all. It’s going to be so slow and painful with the baby it may kill me, honestly. Obviously my sleep deprivation had improved my mood as well.

We did plant all the apple trees last week, which nearly killed me by the way and I did my first weeding of 150 feet of garlic plus a late spring planting of peas lettuce and radishes. Now we have about 200-300 row feet of potatoes ( I really don’t remember how many I purchased) in 3 weeks 5 rows of tomatoes and of course the damn bathroom.

How’s everyone else’s crazy lives going?

30 Day Bathroom Challenge

  If anyone has ever been involved in long term renovations while living in their home, you will know it can be draining and feel like you’re never accomplishing anything and often the last thing you want to do is go work on “x”. 

We are rounding on or third year of renovation and this summer getting all the structural stuff associated with out new kitchen is the goal. With a baby in the house, we don’t have the option to just leave the house open once it gets cold if we run behind schedule. So we have a limited 4-5 month window to get all the stuff buttoned up that would leave the house open to the elements (Windows, framing, electrical rough in, new subfloors, insulation and siding) Even worse is the thought of having no kitchen for the duration of this, still in denial– I may invest in a cheap gas grill so I can at least make some hot food besides what is microwaveable. I’m pretty anxious about the timing of this, needless to say we have a stiff deadline left for the bathroom— May 1st.

We have made some solid progress on the bathroom but we have a lot left to finish up and still do in 30 days— plus I need to start packing up the kitchen so we will be ready to rock and roll. I hate packing so my plan is to move and pack maybe a box or two a day. Somehow even though we have little furniture and our house is in shambles we have a full set of inherited China and another set from out wedding (everyday dishes) plus two more sets we use. Ugh. 

I’d like to also get the floor in the mudroom redone at the same time (as well as electrical and plumbing for washer/dryer) because I hate the thought of having that unfinished while staring into our beautiful kitchen. Originally I had a goal of Thanksgiving but that seems unrealistic unless we are devoting every waking minute which is not possible with having to work the garden and split firewood for the season (that is a week or two worth of work).

It’s pretty apparent we have much left to do, further compounded by the fact that we are not doing things in order (complete framing, then rough ins, etc.) This is all with good reason, mostly due to our time, space and work time together limitations– we have to maximize what we can accomplish by ourselves so when we have tasks thst require both of us ( we only have nights off together ) we can use the time for those tasks.

Big things still left:

  1. Toilet rough in
  2. Finish subfloor
  3. Frame rest of shower
  4. Build linen closet
  5. Hook up electrical to box
  6. Hook up water supply and drains
  7. Finish drywall
  8. Mud drywall
  9. Tile walls
  10. Tile floors
  11. Finish drilling hole In vanity tip and clean up cut out
  12. Install finish type stuff (vanity, lights, trim, wallpaper, light plates etc.)

There’s lots of smaller steps but OMG the next four weeks will probably kill us.

Soapstone Tub Surround

Well our tub is set. It didn’t come out at well as I hoped, but hopefully (besides the seams) we can disguise the worst of the mistakes. I keep telling myself this is practice for the kitchen. Plus without experience there is a steep learning curve.

I didn’t account for the height of the bedding mortar with the tub, nor did I check the levelness of the frame my husband built. This led to some issues with the soapstone being level and gaps between the tub and the soapstone —oops.

From a distance it looks good : ) As long as you don’t look too closely at the seams. But the epoxy is killer, and now we have a better working idea of set up time etc. It was quite tricky setting the soapstone and the tub at same time (not enough room to drop the tub in ) so we had to build the front rail in place and then put the other two pieces of soapstone in. 

I’m glad it’s finished, it’s been a big mental hurdle, plus moving back and forth out of the way has been really annoying. Definitely learning a lot but disappointed it didn’t come out better. But with a one shot deal, that is it. 


About Me Page–The Struggle is Real

I have rewritten this page about one hundred times and I still feel that it is not an accurate representation of me (and my blog) ugh!I don’t want my blog to be popular, I just want to connect with like minded people.  I mean popularity can be nice (and of course often feels nice) but I really have never been ‘popular’.

If I had to list one of my strongest personality traits–authenticity would be one of them. I still don’t feel like my identify is coming through on my blog which is frustrating. I also have a problem balancing my tone between information and conversational— I’m sarcastic and I can be snarky and funny and I am definitely opinionated but I can also be OCD and hyperbolic and dramatic.  I’m also an introverted hermit who avoids social gatherings in lieu of staying home and watching netflix or reading a book or working on the house. I use ‘like’ too often, as if I was a valley girl, hahaha. And while I believe punctuation and grammar are important for effective communication and argument in scholarly or informational publications, I also believe language is a living fluid organism that I feel free to take extreme license with. 

Like I want this blog to be informational and entertaining and also a documentary of sorts for our progress on the house and the farm. People come over and they see the missing drywall, exposed studs and insulation and the floors that we haven’t replaced yet and go, ugh. And it’s tough when you have been working on the structural elements for over three years, and OH YEAH, built HALF A HOUSE, literally from the walls to the trusses. I’m so proud of that, how many people can say they built half of their house from the trusses to the wiring to the flooring?

Not many. And it’s discouraging because they think we’re weird that our house is constantly in a state of construction because we want everything the way we want it and 90% of it’s not “pretty” yet. And obviously we’re crazy.  I ignore everyone’s opinions and plow onward, but sometimes it would be nice just for similarly minded people to be like oh hey! nice job and I feel ya.

I’m in a weird state of mind today, baby hasn’t slept really in three weeks, I had four hours of sleep last night, and we had to redo the shower pan last night and I’m feeling very frustrated right now with our remodeling progress. I want our house to be done and we still haven’t even finished the bathroom.  I haven’t been writing any articles or fiction because between the baby and the bathroom that’s all the time and emotional energy I have. Gone.

So all my writing lately has been James Joyce style stream of consciousness; if I stop writing totally I am dead. Better crap than nothing. But sorry to subject you all to my poor, unedited babblings. I am glad that spring is around the corner, my apple trees should be coming soon from Fedco!!!!!